Adult Bouldering League – Week 3 Standings

Another night of grit, grunting, and growling for the Bouldering League. One of us, in particular, tapped into his terrifying levels of commitment and snarled his way up problems that needed to be scratched off the tick list. It was quite a show for all of us. Don’t forget all are welcome to come hang out and climb every Wednesday 6-9pm during ABL.


Here are your week 3 scores and standings:

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Climb Time Tunes: Summer Trips

I have always been a fan of the summer road trip. Other than the good company, one of the most important ingredients is the soundtrack. In my search for inspiration to make a summer playlist I kept finding myself thinking about all the time spent in the car driving to and from climbing destinations. As a result, you have a collection of songs that I think make up the perfect Summer Trip Soundtrack. The car ride is the perfect time for the much needed mental preparation before a climbing session. Whether I am headed to the gym or on an outdoor trip, preparing my mental game with music has become crucial to that days enjoyment.  These specific tunes are selections from bands I have loved the last few years, months, days, and minutes. I encourage you all to explore these bands further, as this is only a taste. It was a pleasure creating this month’s Climb Time Tunes with you all in mind; I can only hope it helps fuel your summer adventures to all versions of the crag.




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Petzl Attache

As you all know, we have recently become a Petzl dealer. One of my first purchases was a pair of the ever so handsome Attache locking carabiners. Nobody really makes a big deal about carabiners, but I feel I must bring this one to your attention. I will start by proclaiming that I have never met a carabiner that looks so pretty. It is proof that when something is painted gold it just feels like so much more.

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