From the Field – California Pt. 2


Yosemite is Real

The next leg of the trip was missing only one thing, actual climbing. We had just enough time to make the days drive to Yosemite for one night. It was a squeeze, but well worth it. You know that feeling of camping several nights, climbing for days, needing a real shower and complete meal? This was where we were at. But we needed to see Yosemite. As we were driving the winding roads that approach the park Mike kept saying “guys, I don’t think you realize what is going to happen. We are going to turn the corner, and BAM! It’s Yosemite!” Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Cathedral Spires, and the mighty El Capitan right there in our faces. Basically, the rock climbers equivalent to a teenage girl being star struck at the site of a celebrity. He said all of this knowing it would build suspense in us first timers. Every turn we made all conversations would stop and we would silently look out the windows. Nope not it. Another turn, nope. Then…”Oh. My. Gosh.” Its real, I mean surreal.

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