Adult Bouldering League – Week 5 Standings

Everyone brought their “A” game on the fifth night of ABL. With one more night left in the season it is no surprise that ABL members are already back in the gym today preparing for their last three sends. We encourage everyone to join us next Wednesday night for the final night of this Fall Season.


Here are your week 5 standings.

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Climb Time Tunes: Dylan

Howdy folks! This week I was given the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things: music and climbing. In my opinion, a well crafted soundtrack can set the tone for a great day of climbing. For this playlist I brought together some of my favorite songs from all the different genres that I love to listen to. Whether you enjoy rap, folk, electronic, or some good old rock and roll, you should be pleased. I believe it has a little something for everybody. I hope this playlist makes each and every one of you as pumped to climb as it makes me. Enjoy the tunes and climb hard!




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A Desert Life


Some people are made for the city life, some the wilderness, and others split their time. Whichever you are, always nurture your spirit of adventure.

A New Day Dawns


Today marks an exciting event in the short but storied history of The Crag – the launch of our new website! We’ve been working behind the scenes on the new site for quite a while, making sure that, like it’s physical counterpart, the site is both user friendly and robust.

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