Celebrating The Headlamp

Image courtesy of Petzl.

I love my headlamps! Yes, I said headlamps…plural. I currently have four headlamps, including my new favorite, the Petzl MYO RXP. You might be wondering why am I such a big fan of headlamps, and why I have so many. Here are a few reasons I like having a headlamp at the ready:

1. Headlamps are more convenient than flashlights. Flashlights are bulky and heavy. You wouldn’t want to carry one around in your backpack on a climbing or backpacking trip, and trying to do anything with your hands while holding a flashlight is a pain. Not so with the headlamp. With a mini-flashlight attached to your forehead, your hands are free cook dinner at your campsite, look through your backpack for that toothbrush you swore you packed, or fix a flat tire on your way home from Foster Falls. The MYO RXP is my go-to backpacking/climbing/outdoor adventure headlamp, and the Zipka2  is a no-brainer in my car.

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